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What I do.

I'm based in South Molton, North Devon and  spend my time scouring the countryside of Britain looking for objects and furniture from our rural and seafaring past. I hunt for items that would have graced simple, hardworking and often very poor homes from the 17th century through to Victorian times. These items translate very well into a large variety of todays interiors and all help create an atmosphere of warmth and simplicity that arks back to an important and often uncelebrated part of our past.

I sell items directly to individuals and also help source for interior designers. I enjoy a project and am excited to be able to help bring old pubs, hotels and private houses back from the past by filling them with not only period furniture but also historically correct and often local items. I am particularly interested in West Country interiors, I'm Devon born and bred. If you see anything that interests you then please call me. My mobile number is 07775673114 and my home phone number is 01769579809. You can also email me at